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C-type  Intelligent self-priming JET pump
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Fujian Siliver Elephant Electrical Co.,Ltd. has three factories, two R&D centers, a modern standard factory building of 120,000 square meters, twelve sets of automatic embedded winding equipment, thirty-two production assembly lines, advanced CNC machine tools and other complete sets of processing equipment and one A team of highly qualified and professional staff capable of recruiting good combatants has the ability to undertake all-round production of high-quality, superb technology and mass orders.

It has four branches: water (land pump), underwater (submersible pump), special pump, casting, etc., 78 series, more than 5000 specifications and models; independent research and development institutions---Fujian Household Pump Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center.

Management System

Fujian Siliver Elephant Electrical Co.,Ltd. strictly implements the ISO9001-2015 quality management system to ensure the excellent quality of raw materials, spare parts and finished products, pay attention to cost control, and strive to provide customers with cost-effective and competitive products.


Fujian Siliver Elephant Electrical Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1996 and is a leading enterprise in the traditional industry of Fu'an City. It produces and operates various types of pumps, control systems, pump accessories and generators. There are 3 factories (Wangjiling factory, Gantang factory and Dingjiashan factory), 350 employees, 55,000 square meters of standardized workshop, more than 500 sets of automatic embedded With advanced processing equipment such as equipment, assembly lines and CNC machinery, the products include five series, more than 2000 specifications and models, including water pumps, underwater pumps, special pumps, generators, and water pump accessories.

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Years of production experience, products run through multiple industries, covering Many industrial cities have won praise from customers
Help customers provide product processing solutions, technical guidance our machinery agents in 33 cities across the country
A full range of automated production and measurement of high-end equipment and design for customers a series of optimized solutions in the production and processing process
Fujian Siliver Elephant Electrical Co.,Ltd.
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